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HMN Solutions is a national solutions company, that focuses on providing a fully integrated and turn key solution for every aspect of security, maintenance, renovations and specialized steelworks. We assist all clients, whether domestic, light industrial, industrial or commercial all around South Africa.  We specialize only in the best systems and products that has proven itself throughout the market. We are specialists in our field of service and only use qualified installers to provide a quality and professional service to our clients. We provide free training on all our equipment installed.

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Our mission is to assist our clients 24/7 with any solutions needs they might require. We believe in service excellence and our clients deserve nothing less. We provide competitive quotations that are both affordable and reliable. We challenge any written quotation. We only settle for 100% success and client satisfaction.  Our vision is to set standards in the Solutions industry to satisfy and create long term relationships with our clients. We aim to become the leading and most cost effective solutions company in South Africa.

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All the images on our completed projects page, has been completed by HMN Solutions.